Anki Desktop: Search by date when first rated

Is there any way to search for cards by the date when they were first actually studied? I know I can search by cards rated or added, but the date added is not interesting for me as I create cards in bulk and it can take a while until they get started. Nor do I want to know when a card was last rated. I would really like to know when the card started to become “active” (moving from a number in the new cards queue to getting a due date for the first time).

I have googled in vain about this. Is there any way to search this? If not inside Anki then inside the db via SQL? Or is the information simply not retrievable? (If so, could it be made retrievable?) Thx!

The Advanced Browser add-on lets you add a “First Review” column in the browser and sort by it.

I’m kind of hesitant to use an add-on with so many thumbs down for instability. Are there stable alternatives that allow filtering by “First review”? Thx.

Are you kidding? :astonished:
The rating is 176 to 9. I don’t know if there is another add-on with this functionality, but I highly doubt that there is one with a better rating.

The reported errors are severe though, and the Anki collection and progress is hugely valuable and not to be risked in any way. It is quite normal that even severe problems only occur in few circumstances.

But if the add-on can search for it, the information needs to be filterable. I don’t need to regularly sort by it or anything. How does the add-on filter this information?

Hm, I don’t really see which reviews you are referring to. And even there was a chance of something going wrong, that’s why Anki has backups. But it’s your choice.

Of course, the information is stored for each card. You can see it in the browser when you rightclick->Info on a card. So if you know how to code you can filter by it easily. It’s just not available from the standard browser interface.

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The browser offers me

  • date of card creation (not what I’m looking for)
  • date of last rating (not what I’m looking for)

The card info gives me a “first repetition date” (which is exactly what I want). Where does that information come from in the database?

I am apparently a bit slow that I do not see it myself. Help would be highly appreciated! Thx.

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. It’s the id in the revlog table - which makes totally sense. Why invent an extra id if you can just take the time stamp.