How to search for cards that i answered good yesterday (and only yesterday)?

Is there any way to search for cards that i answered good yesterday?

I’m trying to build an algorithm to determine how many new cards i learned today. So far it looks like this:

rated:1 -is:learn prop:lapses=0 -is:new prop:ivl<=4 prop:ivl>=1 prop:reps>=1 -is:suspended

The problem is that it also include cards like this:

That i learned yesterday and rated good but since the interval was 1 day, it gets included in the search.

I tried to exclude them with -(rated:2:3 -rated:1:3) but it doesn’t work (and i have no idea why, since it should exclude every card that i rated good yesterday minus those that i rated good today.

Any ideas?

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rated:n will look for cards you reviewed in the past n days, where rated:1 means “cards you reviewed today”. This mirrors the behavior of added:n or edited:n.

The search you want to do is not quite possible right now. The closest you can get is rated:2:3 -rated:1:3, this will show you cards you rated good yesterday, however it will also exclude cards, you happened to review today. In your case with only yesterday, it might work however.

The next release might include a new search term, to enable a more precise search.


Mathematically spoken:

rated:1:3 and -(rated:2:3 and -rated:1:3)
= rated:1:3 and (-rated:2:3 or rated:1:3)
= (rated:1:3 and -rated:2:3) or (rated:1:3 and rated:1:3)
= false or rated:1:3
= rated:1:3

Having thought about it a bit, I am positive than you can’t formulate the search you want.
A Venn diagram can help here: Draw a big circle and label it rated:2. Draw a small circle inside it labeled rated:1.
You can search for cards rated yesterday but not today because that is the big circle without the small one. But you can’t search for cards rated today but not yesterday because that would be a part of the small circle and you have nothing to subtract or intersect with.

I think @hengiesel misinterprated your intended search. But other than that he’s right and I hope his new feature will be included in the next release.


Thank you very much guys. Yes i’m looking forward to updates, as at least knowing how many new cards i reviewed would be a bliss!