Efficient way to search for cards, which last answer was Again

I have a filtered deck for cards, that the last answer on review was “Again”.
For now, I am using this construction:
((rated:1:1 -rated:1:2 -rated:1:3 -rated:1:4) OR (rated:2:1 -rated:2:2 -rated:2:3 -rated:2:4) OR ...
However, it is limited to only the last few days.
Any other ideas on how to rewrite this query are appreciated.

I don’t think you can use * for this filter, but can’t you just use something like rated:999:1?

That, I think, would display all cards answered with “Again” in the last 999 days. No need to do rated:1:1 OR rated:2:1 etc., I believe.


Good catch. However rated:999:1 will get cards that had any “Again” review in the last 998 days, even if it had “Good” review after. I will need to filter them out anyway.

Oh, you’re right, I forgot about the “latest answer” part, sorry. You will need to filter out the other answers, yes.

In any case, depending on your learning steps, I guess you just need to filter for a few days, if I am understanding correctly.

Maybe someone knows of a better way to achieve this more easily.

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You are right. For practical reasons filtering out a few last days works.
I was just curious if there is some more elegant way to filter it, which I missed.

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