Filtered deck for recent frequently failed cards

Hi, does anyone know how to create a filtered deck that will show me the 10 cards I have failed most frequently in the past 7 days?

The intention is to do a weekly session of cards I have been struggling with that week. Any other suggestions for filters to achieve this are welcome.

I see it as a bad idea; it will affect the SRS algo.
Ex: You saw a card Today and scheduled it for 11d. Your 7d overview will be 4d before Due date for the card. Now, your Actual interval will not be 11d but 7d smaller. Of course you will remember the card after 4day delay. You will have no difficulty to recall it - so it is going to be a Wasted rep. It will not strengthen your memory of this card.

The best way to address the failed cards is at the end-of-Today.
Just go to browser, click on the deck and append :1 to the search string ( will look like
deck:aaa rated:1:1
Try to see why you failed it and fix it

I advise you to do the same check on cards you rated Easy.
To make the rep beneficial, you have to experience some difficulty to recall - otherwise it will also be a wasted rep.

Hi vit, thank you for the advice, but actually I’m not worried about extra reps for these 10 cards a week. My recall % will be low because this is specifically filtering for the cards I have failed multiple times that week, in other words, mainly difficult ‘young’ cards that may need to be suspended, re-engineered, or at least considered in more depth than others.

My goal to do this special session once every weekend (in addition to my hundreds of daily reviews) on the 10 cards I have failed most often, carefully considering how to handle them without the time pressure I have on weekdays.

Also the cards would have been failed recently so they wouldn’t have such a long interval anyway. Additionally it won’t affect the algorithm if I don’t choose ‘reschedule based on my responses’ for the filtered deck. The worst case scenario is I do one more rep than I really needed to do on these cards.

I like your idea about the ‘rated:1:1’ filter, thanks for that, but if I understand correctly this filter will give me any card I have failed even once right? Whereas my goal is to filter the 10 cards I have failed the most often.

I don’t think extra reviewing of difficult cards is a bad idea. Just remember that there are also other strategies, like coming up with a mnemonic or editing the card.

But I fear there is no filter like the one you want. You can filter for rated:7:1 to get cards that were rated Again in the last week. You can also use prop:lapses>1 or any higher threshold to only show cards with that many lapses, but this will take into account all the lapses, not just from the last week (on the other hand, it doesn’t count Agains during learning which should be welcome).
You can then build a filtered deck of ten cards and order by most lapses. This will give you the cards which lapsed most often and also in the last week.
Depending on your deck options, you may also be able to use other properties as filters as well in order to better filter out unwanted cards (i.e. cards with many lapses but only one in the past week).


I am not talking about Extra reps but the Wasted reps; and not about the Retention.

It is unfortunate that i failed to explain my point ( or maybe you read it too fast :slight_smile: ? Wasted reps do more damage than people realize.

Cards failed Today.

User Rumo said: I don’t think extra reviewing of difficult cards is a bad idea.
I said that postponing the Failed cards post-review is a bad idea.


  1. I bet that a large proportion of cards failed because they were Overdue.
  2. Some Leeches are not leeches anymore – you can see it in the Info screen. I would delete the Tag ‘Leech’ on those cards.
    PS. I hope your Leech limit is not at 8 ?