Poor quality pictures when copying and pasting into Anki

Hello Friends

I am on the latest beta of Anki on windows, and have been having this issue for months with many prior versions. Whenever I copy and image directly from a browser, and paste it into Anki, the picture in Anki is much worse in quality compared to the original. If I download the picture and add it manually into Anki, then the quality is the same as the original.

I currently have the “Paste clipboard images as PNG” option enabled.

As you can see in the picture below, the difference is notable between the original on the right and the copied version on the left:

If anyone can help that would be great.


Have you tried pasting images with this option disabled? All it does is convert non-PNG image formats into PNG.

PNGs will stay PNGs regardless and you won’t have lossy conversion. See, I never enabled the option and I can still have PNG images:


@dae If I’m not wrong here, the name of the option is misleading and could be changed to “Convert clipboard images to PNG”.

Can you reproduce the issue with add-ons disabled? When pasting as png there should be no visible change in quality.

Tried this, and disabling it actually makes the image quality much worse to the point of being impossible to read.

Thanks, I have isolated the issue to the Image Resizer addon - quite liked this addon, so I’m not sure if there’s any setting I can change to keep using it while not losing out on the quality?


Do you use the add-on because it reduces file size or just to display images smaller?

If your main motivation for using this add-on is displaying images smaller than their real dimensions, you can uninstall it, as Anki now shows them smaller anyway.

On the other hand if you use the add-on to reduce file size, there will always be loss of quality when you reduce the information of multiple pixels into one.


A common cause for images to be of low quality is when it is enlarged without proper tools. Increasing the size of the image can often result in the photo losing its quality and resolution to drop significantly.

Thanks a lot, disabling the Image Resizer addon has completely fixed the issue!