Clipboard Image Scaling

When I take a screenshot on my Ubuntu machine and then paste it into a card I am making, I experience really severe upscaling when I then review the card.

For example, I took a screenshot of a feature than is 200x200 pixels. The screenshot is saved to my clipboard. I then paste, from the clipboard, this 200x200 pixel image into a card. Then when I review the card, the image is scaled up to be something wild (maybe 800x800), and it looks quite terribly (as one might expect with the size difference.

As a question (or feature request) is it possible to restrict Anki’s upscaling of images pasted from the clipboard? It feels like it should be programtically possible to maintain the dimensions of the image when the card is then used.

Anki’s default styling does not scale images above their original size. The behaviour you describe may be because you’re looking at the scaled-down image in the editor (which can be expanded with a double-click). On Macs (and maybe your Ubuntu machine), images can also appear to be doubled due to pixel scaling: Screenshots large and blurry on retina displays - Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks for your input. Ill try out the suggestion at that link.

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