Mac:screen shots --> Enlarged when inserted in Anki


When I want to insert a picture to a card, for instance a picture from a professor, I use the shortcut “shift+ command+option+4”. That way I can decide what of my screen I want to insert.
BUT, when I insert the picture with “command+ V” the pictures are enlarged quite a bit. If I take a very tiny picture, the picture in Anki becomes normal size. if I want to take a normal size, the picture become like a full screen. It has happened out of nowhere…
So instead of the picture turning 1:1 it is more like 1:2 or 1:3 ratio, so no true size as it was once…
Keep in mind I have Retina display (Mac air 2020), I have read maybe that could be the reason. also read with something like " applying a CSS style like transform:scale(0.5); to your image element?" I don’t understand that though :wink:

Also I have tried to use the add-on “Image resizer”, but I can’t figure out the options to make the picture normal looking…

Please help


Please see Screenshots large and blurry on retina displays - Frequently Asked Questions