Copy and paste image is faded?

Greetings, I did a search both here, on reddit, and the internet as a whole. I found one post on reddit, and replied to it, but it was from 2 years ago and it didnt have any replies. I’m having issues with faded images being uploaded to Anki. I’m using the Anki desktop version i downloaded on 30 Nov 2021 (download file name is anki-2.1.49-windows) Here is my current procedure:

Use Screnpreso to take image, CTRL+V into anki desktop app, image looks like crap. Here is an example.
Original snipped image:
what it looks like in Anki:

Also in the mobile app the pictures are too light/faded to really see.

Any ideas? I tried to install a few add ons, and remove them… didn’t work. Thanks!

Does enabling the option to paste images as PNG in Tools > Preferences help?

Your second image is broken by the way.

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Thats weird, in the preview box it was showing. Thank you though… here is what it looks like:

I went to preferences and saw the option you mentioend… it was NOT checked… I so I checked it… closed Anki and reopened it. This did not fix the issue… it still is faded for some strange reason. ANy other ideas? Thanks btw!

Have you already tried pasting the original image into the editor again? The option only applies to newly pasted images.

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Hey thanks for the response. I just made a new screen shot (using Screenpresso) and it was still faded. So yes, I pasted an original. Any other ideas?

All, I think screenpreso is the issue. I just used the built in windows snipping tool, and it worked just fine. I’ll play around with screenpreso’s settings and see if I can find the issue. I’ll reply soon enough.


Okay so the issue is with screenpreso I guess. I switched screenpreso to default to jpgs, and when i paste the image is just as it should be. Additionally, I’m finding the jpg is smaller (byte wise) which is awkaward, I though PNG had the superior compression … but i was wrong! JPG vs. PNG: Which Should I Use? - TechSmith Tutorials anyways thanks all!