What settings does Anki use to compress images pasted into a note?

I am creating a mechanism to process clipboard images using ImageMagick before I insert them into my cards.

Now, because JPEG compression is lossy, I want to make all the processing at once.

So, I want to know which settings does Anki use to compress the images pasted into a note. Specifically, what quality is used for creating the JPGs?

80%. But if you paste them in, they’ll get recompressed anyway, so you’ll need to place them in the media folder if you wish to avoid further processing.

Thanks for the quick response.

And yeah, I am pasting the image directly into the media folder.

Can this be turned off? I optimise my images with third party tools for a small footprint on my devices and Anki’s servers.

If you paste a link to a local file (eg from the file browser), it’s used as is. The compression only happens if it’s an image on the clipboard (eg copying from an image program/browser window/etc).

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