Help pasting images into flashcards

Im using apple notes to make notes, and want to copy paste out into anki to make flashcards - but images wont transfer across, and text loses color. Cant drag and drop either. Everything pastes fine & drags into word - just not anki. I can take a screen shot and drop it in and that works fine but it takes too long and Im left having to clear away screen shots after from my desktop. Also tried with evernote and wasnt able to copy/paste either (but after evernotes recent catastrophic update its hard to tell if its an evernote issue or an anki issue). Any suggestions?

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Tried pasting with and without the shift key held down? Depending on your settings, that will change how much formatting is included. Anki does not include all formatting however, so it may not be able to maintain the original appearance.

Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately it didnt help with pasting images. It did changes the bolding of text, but not the colors.

I still havent managed to find a workaround for this - is it that apple notes is just not compatible with anki? If so thats fine, I just figured it would be as I purchased the ios version. I just swapped everything out of evernote into apple notes due to their recent disastrous updates so I feel a bit stuck now :frowning:

Apple Notes does not appear to include images in the HTML it exports, so that seems to be an issue on their end I’m afraid. It’s also inconsistent with its formatting, exporting bold text using bold tags (which Anki understands), but things like colours and underlined text using separate styling tags (which Anki does not preserve). It may be possible in the future to handle those better, but due to the image issue, Notes may not be the best option if the goal is to input text into Anki.

there is a share option available in Apple Notes but I don’t see an option to share to Anki, maybe by sharing the images will also be shared…

I also have the same issue in that the images won’t be pasted into Anki. If you copy and paste into Pages the paste works okay, so I don’t think its an issue with Apple Notes not including the images when you copy and paste.

okay so I found kind of workaround, you can copy into Microsoft Word (I’m using the mac version) and then into Anki, some formatting is lost but its better than nothing.