Copy text with pictures from Word isnt possible

I have created a text with the Word program that I would like to copy into Anki for computers.
I have a lot of pictures between the lines in this text, which should also be copied.
However, only the text is pasted.
Pasting each image individually into the text on Anki works, but it is too much work for what I want to do.

This error has already occurred once.
Unfortunately, I don’t know why it worked again in the meantime.

Instead of the image, there are simply a lot of line breaks in the HTML. In the plain text there is a kind of space instead of the image.

Many thanks for your help

You seem to have been using an older version of anki, could you try getting to the latest version, if you experience add-ons problem after updating the add-ons, then install the 2.1.66 version

About Word and MS Office, most people use pirated version which are versions behind, like Word 2016

if you like an MS Office alternative you could try

Download Page: ONLYOFFICE desktop and mobile apps | ONLYOFFICE

Tried replicating on mine, and it did work, just can’t say if it was because it was onlyoffice or an up to date anki


With the new version of Anki its the same. But with Onlyoffice its working.
Thank you so much.
You´ve rescued my time.

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