Issue with pasting into Anki from Microsoft PPT only

Every time I copy any text from Microsoft ppt and try to paste it into anki it only pastes a large black box. No other applications do this and I can paste pictures that are on Microsoft PPT into anki but no wording.

This may be relevant:


PiaTae97 mentioned this in reddit as a comment and I tried it out.

Windows has a PureText application. Download and install it (took me less than a minute). Click on the PT on the taskbar. It’ll have you pick a hot key and function key/s. I picked “Z”. Then use (crtl+wndw+Z or whatever you picked) after copying the text. It should make a noise (if you want it too, also an option). Then, do your normal paste function (crtl+v). It worked for me.

P.S. I do not know if apple (mac) can be used with this application, nor if there is an application for apple that does this.

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