Copy/Paste Error

I am running Anki 2.1.44 on my macbook air and it won’t allow me to copy a slide from a powerpoint to then paste into an anki card that I am making. I’ve tried this on version 2.1.40 as well but with no success. Any idea what might be going wrong? Thank you for your help.

How exactly are you copying the slides? Is there a context menu entry for that action in PowerPoint?

Then my guess would be that this slide copy feature of PowerPoint fills the clipboard in an unsuitable way for Anki. You could screenshot the slides.

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I wouldn’t call it an error just because it isn’t working as you would expect it to :slight_smile:

A real error would usually entail an error message, a freeze or a crash.

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In PowerPoint, when looking at the gallery of slides I will right click, copy, and then try to paste it into anki. I believe that you are correct that Anki just doesn’t like the format of it because I can paste the image into other programs such as Notes but not into Anki. Thank you for sharing that related thread. It sounds like what I am experiencing. I wonder why it would work on a PC but not on an Apple device.

This website allows you to inspect what’s inside of your clipboard: Clipboard Inspector. This is also what will be seen by Anki. So in theory it should be different for your Windows and Mac machine.

I’ll also have a look myself.