OneNote now copies and pastes text as a image not text

Exactly. The header.

All of a sudden when I select text from onenote and paste it into an anki flashcard it pastes as an image.

I have downgraded, upgraded, and tried various versions…same thing happens in each one.
I deleted add-ons …still happens.
If i select text from Microsoft Word, only text is added into the flaschard as it should.

Any ideas?


I also tried both OneNote desktop 2016 and OneNote for Windows 10 versions

well,I’m not the developer, so the answer isn’t official.
this problem seems have nothing to do with anki, because I try paste text from onenote to wechat(a chat app) long before ago, it also pastes as an image…so, maybe you can paste the text to word or textbook or something else before paste it to anki


Yes, pasting to word and then into Anki does work. This is definitely strange though, because I have been copy text from onenote and pasting it into Anki this whole semester without it pasting as an image. Not sure, where I need to go from here then.

Hey, everybody. I figured out what it was…It was the image resizer add-on! Deleted it and everything works great now.

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