Pontoon notification but no new string

Today, when I opened Pontoon, I noticed the following notification:


However, when I checked the “core” section, there were no untranslated strings. Something similar also happened a few days ago, when Pontoon notified me about 8 new strings, but the “missing” section was empty.
Since I am currently the only translator for my language, I’m a bit confused.

I’m wondering if a new string was added, triggering the notification, only to be removed later for some reason. Alternatively, could the notification have been due to the update of an existing string? If that is the case, is there a way to check which strings have been most recently updated?

You can either use the filter options in pontoon to look at changes in the last 7 days:

Or check the GitHub changes:


You can ignore the ‘update templates’ ones. The split strings are due to I'm trying to improve the translation, but I can't find it in one place, please help me ~

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