Why do these 'imported' strings replicate?

I wonder why these translated ‘imported’ strings (below the input text area) replicate. These duplicates make translation maintenance quite cumbersome.

Is it possible to get rid of the duplicates automatically?

I’m not sure why that has happened - it may be a bug in Pontoon. Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with its codebase, so fixing this could end up taking a fair amount of time. How is it making the translations cumbersome - can’t you just ignore the old versions?

It does not really affect making translations cumbersome but maintaining them. For proofreading it’s important to know when the last change was made (and translation history overall). When there are duplicates likes this, a situation like this may occur:

  • Wrong translation (imported), 1 month
  • Wrong translation (imported), 2 months
  • Wrong translation (by USer1), 3 months // deleted by the author some time later and doesn’t appear in the log
  • Correct translation (imported) , 4 months
  • Correct translation (by User2), 4 months

So, one cannot detect an updated translation which is wrong and track it back to the author to check other translations.

Also, attribution might be lost.

Is it possible that duplicates appear when new source strings are pushed to Pontoon? Maybe it’s possible to push only new strings?

It doesn’t seem to be related to adding new strings, since that file was updated 5 days ago, and further duplicate entries haven’t been added. If you notice it happen again, please let me know and perhaps we can figure out what’s caused it.

I’ll add looking into this to the todo list, but I’m afraid it will likely be some time before it bubbles up to the top of the list.

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Sure, thanks!

I’ve just witnessed new ‘imported’ translations, e.g. here:

It reads (at the moment) ‘imported 35 min ago’ but as far as I understand there haven’t been any commits.
It seems like it has something to do with a new day starting: 35 ago it was midnight for me.

Ok, that’s quite odd, as that file wasn’t even changed recently. I think the best course of action is to try to update Pontoon to the most recent version to see if that helps. I’ve added it to the todo list to look into once the current beta testing work settles down.

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