Import created duplicates

I keep a copy of my notes in a tab-delimited text file. Key field is just an index and also the line number.
Second field is a Greek word or phrase.

Today, I added 79 lines, making the file 1023 lines and imported. When it said 1023 new notes, no updates, I clicked for details. It showed all the notes having a comma at the beginning of the Greek (second field). But the browser showed the “new” and “old” as identical.

What’s the best thing to do next?

update: looking in the browser further, I see that none of the notes, old or new, have a due date. Odd when I’ve been using this deck for a long time. Because of that, I’m going to delete all, and then import the same file (with a different sequence).

If you can reproduce the issue, please provide a 1-card apkg and tsv file that demonstrates it.

Unable to reproduce. Just a weird glitch? Maybe because the last time I studied the deck was before the GUI change? Don’t know.

Deleted all and imported, then re-imported with twenty new notes and it worked as expected. Then corrected fifty typos in the file and imported with results as expected.

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