Adding duplicate to text file and then importing

In Anki 2.1.54, after exporting a deck to a text file and including the unique identifiers, I can then edit two notes in the text file with the same Front and then re-import the file (using the new import wizard, with ‘Update’ selected) and it successfully updates each of the two notes according to their unique identifers, without either of them overwriting the other.

When I try to add a new line to the text file with a new random GUID that I make, and with the same Front as previous notes (that were amongst those exported), then import the text file, the new line overwrites those previous notes with the same Front, even though I gave it a different GUID. Is this behaviour intended?

Preferably, I would like to be able to add new notes to a text file with the same Front, and when importing have any notes with a GUID already present updated, and any notes with a new GUID or with the GUID field blank added anew without messing up previous notes.

(Edit: corrected version number)

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Although it’s not explicitly mentioned, I think this is the behaviour of 2.1.55: Changes in 2.1.55 - Anki Betas
By the way, the new import code is still relatively new and I appreciate the feedback about how people are using the new features!

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