Import the same note twice from csv

Continuing the discussion from Anki 23.10.1 Release Candidate:

Here are the steps I did:

You cannot duplicate notes with a GUID. It should work if you don’t export that column.

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Is it possible to import without it?
I think duplication during import should ignore that too?

No, but you can simply delete the line starting with #guid column from the file.
There should never be two notes with the same GUID (it does stand for Globally Unique Identifier after all), so it would be unclear what should happen if you duplicated it.

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Thanks for the help.
Will there be an option in the next versions to “create a new GUID in case of a conflict” option?
At the very least, explain that the duplication is because of the GUID. If there was such an explanation, I wouldn’t have to ask this question here in the forum.

What would be the use case?

Agreed, it should be made more clear why the note was not duplicated.

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The case I illustrated above.
If I import the same CSV twice for two separate studies. Every time I put in a different deck. If whoever exported these decks saved them with a GUID I have to go to the trouble of doing that.

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