Does updating notes affect their scheduling?

I have a deck of 900 notes and I’ve studied about half of them. I am planning to import an updated CSV into Anki which will update all of the notes in the deck and also add new notes. Does anyone know if this import and updating will affect the scheduling of the notes? For this deck, I need to study the cards in the original order, so I just wanted to make sure before importing.

Thank you

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Updating from a text file does not modify card scheduling.


Thank you. I guess that includes CSVs right?

CSV files are text files; they just have an agreed way of interpreting them.

Make sure that you have a unique field as the first field. If you do not — and you change the first field — you will create a new card. Creating a new card is rarely what you want; you will find two cards for the same topic: one old one, and one updated one.


Thanks. Not sure what you mean by the second part though. The first 900 lines of the CSV which I want to import have the same first field as the 900 notes in Anki. The following lines are for new notes. What I expect to happen when I import is that the first 900 lines will match with the first field of the first 900 notes and all the other fields will be updated. This won’t cause duplicates, right?

If the first field/column is the same, then the notes will be matched and the other columns updated as necessary; thus, no duplicates.


Right, I was able to import and everything worked! :smiley: