File / Import... cannot show notes already present in collection

This happens in 23.12beta3 (edd38ca0)⁩, but I didn’t test earlier versions.

After doing a File / Import… with “Preserve” option for existing notes:

Screenshot 2023-12-19 121403

In the above, if you click on “94 new notes imported.” [Show]
then the Browse window appears and displays the 94 notes.

But if you click on “3 notes already present in your collection.” [Show]
then nothing happens.
If the Browse window is not already open, it doesn’t open.
If the Browse window is already open, it continues to show old contents and does not update.

Clicking on Details to expand does display the 94 Added and 3 Skipped notes.

This affects CSV imports @dae @Rumo
the log.duplicate queue is returning notes with missing IDs in this case.

@Rumo do you have time to look into this? I’m guessing we want to be using ctx.dupes instead of ctx.note here?

             DupeResolution::Preserve => log.first_field_match.push(ctx.note.into_log_note()),

Yes, will take care of it. Thanks for the report and the additional context, guys. :slight_smile:

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