"Please sync again" error and unable to import new decks

Error message keeps appearing when trying to sync.

Tried to clear media folders/files that are no longer supported by anki, without succes.
Tried updating the anki-system. Did not help either.
Tried deleting cards, no succes.

When importing a deck, a message appears telling that the anki-application is probably too old. Did not help to update the anki-version.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help in advance

Is this the issue you’re seeing?

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The ‘please sync again’ message should be resolved if you a) use tools>check database, and b) force a one way sync in the preferences, then upload to AnkiWeb. If that doesn’t help, please try logging out from the preferences screen, then syncing again.

That was it! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer!
Just tried both strategies, but I am unfortunately still having problems syncing.
Anything else I can try?

Do you have the Special Fields add-on installed? Disabling it didn’t help?

Please use Tools>Check Media, then try logging out and in one more time - the issue appears to be an inconsistency in the way your media is being synced.

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I get the following message when checking media:
“Folders inside the media folder are not supported.
Folder: media.trash”

I cannot delete the media.trash folder unfortunately, since it reappears every time I hit “Check Media”.
I’ve noticed that every time a try to sync, it goes through all the cards one by one systematically from 1-50000, but thereafter it starts to jump in huge intervals - quickly followed by the aforementioned error message.

media.trash should be in the directory above collection.media, not inside collection.media. If you delete it from both locations (if present), where does it reappear?

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