PLEASE HELP. Anki making me restudy all 5k imported cards

Hi everyone, I just transitioned from Mnemosyne to Anki because it’d be nice to get some flashcard grinding at work or at the gym or on the toilet. So, I just transferred all my Mnemosyne flashcards (~4.7k) into Anki using the import feature. But now, Anki is marking all of these cards as “Due”/“To Review”, even though it seems it can tell what the correct interval should be (cards I have down pat on Mnemosyne are correctly saying on Anki that there should be years between review periods). Is there a way for me to not have to study ALL my cards over again but still have Anki show me the cards at the correct interval? Thanks

Did the Mnemosyne export include current intervals and current due dates? Can you post a screenshot of the Card Info Statistics - Anki Manual for one of the cards that Anki is making you study now?

This is what I see:

So I guess the due dates didn’t import? Do you know if/how I can fix this issue

Sorry, I don’t know anything about Mnemosyne. Anki supports importing Mnemosyne db files Importing - Anki Manual, and I don’t see any big exceptions listed, so I would expect that to include important dates – unless they were missing from the export. I think the best thing to do would be to get a new export file from Mnemosyne that definitely includes all the information Anki needs.

The other idea I can think of is sort of hack-y – so I’d really only recommend it as a last resort if you can’t get the correct data. You can move all these cards to new Due dates, in chunks based on their current intervals – using “Set Due Date” to spread them out Browsing - Anki Manual. It’s a very blunt instrument, since you’d only be getting cards in the ballpark of the interval – and even worse, you don’t have a date for the last review either, so there’s nothing to count forward from. For instance, this card is at almost a 6m interval, but you can’t tell if that is 6m from yesterday, or 6m from 5m ago.

It may be a bug in the importer. Can you share the file you’re importing somewhere?

Hi Damian, the forum’s not letting me reply/DM you a .db file. Is there a email where I can send you it?

You can upload it somewhere like Google Drive, then share a link. If you wrap the link in backticks, the forum will let you post it.

Just dm’ed you the Google Drive link, let me know if you find anything

I’m not able to access it. Please share the link using the “anyone with the link can view” option, then send me the updated link.

My bad. Just changed the privacy settings, should be the same link

Thanks, a fix will be in the next release. For now, you can work around the issue by doing the import with Anki 2.1.49.



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