Issue importing Mnemosyne cards into Anki

Hello - I’d like to import a Mnemosyne 2.73 .db file (~100k cards) into Anki, but I keep getting this error: 500: JsonError { info: “invalid type: floating point 1736293344.5096483, expected i32 at line 1 column 8848” }

Can anyone help me with this problem? Also, assuming it is still possible to import Mnemosyne cards into Anki, is there a way to maintain the scheduling data? I have been learning these cards for years and would really prefer to not have to start from scratch. Thanks!

We recently discussed some of the issues with Mnemosyne imports and workarounds to try. But I don’t know whether a “Mnemosyne 2.73 .db file” is similar enough to a Mnemosyne 2.0 db file to work with the same process.

Please use a file-sharing service like Google Drive to share a link to the file with me privately on

Thanks for providing the file. A fix for this will be in the next beta build, which will hopefully be available within a few days.

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