Error when trying to import Quizlet

I have attempted to restart both my ANKI and laptop, however, I just started getting this alert “Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)” when attempting to import a Quizlet set. I am about to try to uninstall the add-on and reinstall it. Just wanted to see if there was something else I needed to do? I tried looking through some of the other posts, but I am a little confused still.

Thank you!

From the documentation on Importing - Anki Manual (, using File / Import from the menu, you can only import text files (CSV), packaged Anki decks created by the export feature, Mnemosyne 2.0 .db files, and SuperMemo .xml files.

If you are trying to import something from Quizlet, there might be some add-on that could do that. For instance:

I don’t use Quizlet so I don’t know if that add-on works.

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Hello, yes I have an add-on that allows me to import Quizlets. This is a new error I have not gotten after using it since June.

If anyone else gets an issue uninstalling the add-on and re-installing it helped me :slight_smile:

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