How can I import cards from mnemosyne2.8 without the loss of images?

Hello, My friend leaves me a mnemosyne database and I tried to import it directly, but it failed. The structure of the database is confirmed but the info is basically image and all of it are lost, so it can’t work well. It’s kind of hard to explain it with the diagnose shown that it had connections with the different templates.
I have Win10+Anki 2.1.49, and the .db is based on mnemosyne 2.8

What does Tools>Check Media report?

Missing files: ⁨2460⁩

Unused files: ⁨2⁩

The following files are referenced by cards, but were not found in the media folder

Now the only image could be seen is the first image in this database in the default order, but all of them could be read in mnemosyne.

What are a couple of the displayed filenames?

Sry I’m not sure about which parts of the info I should offer so I try to get some pics for it.


A mnemosyne .db file does not contain images. If they were distributed separately and you have a copy, you may be able to resolve the issue by copying the images into your media folder.

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