Importing already used mixes up Hourly breakdown


It is probably my fault but here’s the story. I used Anki a lot in 2016-2018 and then stopped, last week dug out the old deck I was using and I cleared it out of history and imported it to a clean account (deleted and created anew for the same e-mail address).
I used: “export without scheduling” option before importing it to my new account anew.

Everything’s awesome except for this stat:

Could I maybe run a query on same database to clean this up? Obviously I haven’t studied these cards in that time.

I can’t see this discrepancy on AnkiDroid though.

Best regards, Wiktor

Two things going on here:

  • the graph should be hiding manually reset cards - will be fixed in the next update
  • 2.1.39+ shouldn’t be creating those entries on export - did you export with an older Anki version?

The following in the debug console will clear them up and force a full sync.

mw.col.db.execute("delete from revlog where type = 4")


thank you for the response!

ad 1) Cool, thanks!
ad 2) Mine is 2.1.39 at the moment. I’ve exported the deck just a couple of days ago and earlier my deck was lying around the Anki server. So I guess it should be fine but maybe I’ve done so many things/steps that I don’t remember anymore :(.

I applied your execute on the mw.col and now the statistics seem alright:). Thanks!