Stats ruined when importing decks from others

There should be an option to tell Anki if the card I’m importing is mine or not. Sometimes people lend you a deck without knowing they should export without scheduling information and once you open it, their reviews count like you did them. It happened to me for example with the heatmap addon.

Also, even if you import cards from the official AnkiWeb site, Anki counts that you created those cards when that person created them.

The stats become unreliable unless you do absolutely everything on your own.

Try to:
A) Export the deck again (this time unchecking the scheduling info)
B) Delete the deck from Anki
C) Import your previously exported deck.

This should solve your problem

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As deleting a card does not delete its review history, if someone has shared a deck without removing the scheduling, you need to either restore from a backup, or use an add-on to remove the reviews.

I might be wrong about this, but I feel like this would make more users happy:

  • separate deck options from other scheduling data
  • uncheck “include scheduling” by default

Screenshot from 2021-12-15 18-54-10

I just can’t imagine “include scheduling” being used more than an export without scheduling, since the data is specific to each individual :thinking: The only legitimate reason I can think of would be to include the options, hence the suggestion to separate those. Or is such a change not as trivial as I imagine it to be?

Added a link to this thread on refactor import/export code · Issue #1018 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Agreed. I would find both those changes helpful.

I also agree with this