Issue with new scheduler and importing old scheduling data

So today I updated to the new scheduler. Since, I have been having an issue when I add cards with old scheduling data, the new scheduling data overwrites it.

For some context, I changed the due date on ~2500 cards today to spread them out evenly (but decided to suspend them anyway since they’re been mature) and I didn’t realize this also changed the interval and acted as if I had reviewed the card giving it a “review type: Manual”. I’m not sure if this is due to the new scheduler, because I don’t recall this before updating to the new scheduler. Before doing this though, I made a backup of the entire collection.
(picture 1)

Anyway, I didn’t realize this had happened, so I went and did my ~600 cards for the day (picture 2). Then I noticed that my heatmap was showing that I had done over 3000 cards today (picture 3). So I went in and found what picture 1 shows.
(picture 2)

(picture 3)

In an effort to remedy this, I made a backup of the state after I completed the ~600 reviews then just opened the backup I made of the ~2500 cards before changing their due date. Since I wanted to keep the review data from my work today and add it to my previous state collection with the unchanged due date of the ~2500 cards, I imported the reviewed cards. Unfortunately, they just imported as duplicates / they didn’t maintain the scheduling data (they look like cards I still have yet to do) when I deleted them before importing them (picture 4 – ignore that there are more than I did because I ended up suspending many cards in the middle deck before reviewing).
(picture 4)

I tried this the opposite way as well, exporting the ~2500 cards from the previous desired state and importing them into my up-to-date deck with reviewed ~600 cards. They just update to the current scheduling data I’m trying to get rid of (picture 1).

I also tried this in another profile that does NOT have the new scheduler and it works as intended. They both import with their respective data (the ~600 cards as reviewed and the ~2500 cards without the manual review)
(picture 5)

Someone told me that if I export from the separate profile (with scheduling data of course) then import to my desired profile, it should work. This also did not work.

Any resolution for this? Essentially just want to be able to import cards with old scheduling data (or alternatively be able to undo the manual review, but I doubt that’s a thing)

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

(have restarted, synced, done all those types of things, even held shift)

You’ll find the regular graphs ignore the manually scheduled entries - the add-on needs to be updated to ignore them too.