Pasting with middle click on field name on linux paste at the wrong place

On linux, you can select text and then paste it with pressing the middle-button (the rolling one)
It paste the texts, unformated, where you click. In particular it means that if you misclick and click outside of a text field, nothing occurs.

In the card editor, right now, if you click on a field name, it paste where the cursor currently is. This mean that the text can appear far away from where you clicked, which is not consistent with any software I’ve used

I’m on ubuntu, beta2 qt5

Good luck with that. I don’t know svelte enough, but that seems an horror to correct,

Where would you expect to paste it when you click the field name?

I expect it to be considered a misclick and not to be pasted anywhere. That would be consistent with all the remaining of my experience on ubuntu where, if I middle-click outside of a text field/link, nothing occurs.