Drag and drop does not follow cursor, but last insertion point

Editing a new cloze in ipad split screen, when dragging an image, the UI shows a cursor insertion point.

when releasing the drag, the image is inserted elsewhere (wherever the insertion caret was before the drag

this might be a different place in the same text field, or in a different field entirely

  1. in close
  2. in split screen with photos app open on left
  3. tap to select the back
  4. drag an image into the front
  5. release
  6. observe it goes into the back
  7. expected: it should appear where the user dragged it to, and if there’s already text in that field, it should be inserted where the blue cursor appears when dragging

actual: it ignores the field and cursor that’s active while dragging and instead inserts it into the prior selected field and cursor position

The current behaviour is not ideal, but I ran into issues when trying to implement it in the way you describe, and was not able to figure out how to work around them.

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No problem, it’s only a minor annoyance. Perhaps it would be improved by mot having the insertion Caret move while dragging is happening. Then the fact it lands in the prior insertion point is less surprising.