Drag & drop of an image always inserted at the top


I found that in recent versions of Anki, when I drag and drop an image to a card on Browser window, the image now is always inserted at the top of the field, not at the position of the curson. In prior versions (like 2.1.35 or something like that, I think) the image used to be inserted to the cursor position.

Is this a bug or the latest change? Is there any way to insert the image at an arbitrary position?

I use macOS with Anki 2.1.53.

Does it behave in the same way with Qt5 and Qt6?

My MacBook is based on Apple Silicon so I was using the Qt6 version. But I just tried replacing it with Intel Qt5 and found that the problem persists.

I believe this is on our issue tracker already.

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That is nice to hear. Unfortunately, this issue has been persistent for a month or two, so I would like it to be fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your answer and great work.

Iā€™m afraid other work is higher up on the priority list at the moment. As a workaround for now, copying and pasting should allow you to exactly position where the image goes.