Drag-and-dropping image adds two copies of the image

When I drag and drop an image from my file browser, or from most webpages (ex, Wikipedia), everything works fine: one copy of the image gets pasted.

However, when I drag and drop an image from some websites, two copies of the image get pasted, and I have to manually press Backspace to delete the duplicate.

Random example that I picked that demonstrates this bug (dragging the pic of the bus into a field in Anki): 경기광주 버스 9000 - 나무위키

This looks like a problem in the website’s HTML; It has some several weird img tags nested in span elements.

EDIT: Also can’t reproduce the problem like @zhushenli. Maybe it depends on your Anki version or add-ons. Though I believe the root cause is the website.

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Cannot reproduce the problem, see my picture. Please disable all add-ons and try again.


Ah, I see it runs fine on Windows 10. It must be a Linux-specific problem then!

I am running Fedora 33 with the GNOME 3.38.4 desktop environment.

Edit: And I tested it on a fresh installation of Anki 2.1.42 (no tweaks or add-ons).

I presume it’s a QT drag drop issue.