Pasting audio files

A few weeks/months ago I was able to copy an audio file from the Files app or from the browser downloads and paste it anywhere in a flashcard.
I see now that I no longer have this option. I tried it with multiple file formats: mp3, mp4, caf
The only way I can do it is by using the attach button when editing the flashcard, but paste was so much more convenient.
Has this stopped working because of some bug or was is purposefully removed?

AnkiMobile hasn’t changed paste handling recently, so if this used to work in the past, it sounds like either your source has changed, or something in iOS has changed. AnkiMobile supports pasting audio if a URL link to a file ending in .mp3/mp4 is in the clipboard. It seems like the Files app is not adding a URL to the clipboard, so AnkiMobile can’t accept pastes from it. If you’re on an iPad, drag/drop from Files does appear to work.

Thanks, I just tried it and drag and drop on my iPad doesn’t work from the Files app either. (tried it with an mp3)
I used to do this straight from the Safari downloads section: copy pasting on the iPhone and drag & dropping on the iPad. Drag and dropping from Safari still works on the iPad.

Drag+drop from the files app works on a device I have here - did you make sure the file was downloaded first? (not showing the cloud icon).

Yes, the files were downloaded. @dae Are you on iPadOS 16?

Yes, I tested with the latest iPadOS. Do the files end with .mp3? Would you like to try the beta version to see if it makes a difference for you?

Hi! I tried drag and dropping again today and it worked. I first tried an mp3 file, that was embedded correctly in the flashcard. Then I also tried the mp4 file that failed last time, and that worked as well, with the same iPad OS and Anki app versions. So either I tested it incorrectly last time, or it magically got fixed in the meantime somehow.

It’s a mystery, but glad to hear it’s working now.

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