Copy/Paste of HTML not working properly

Hello, I have been using AnkiMobile for a long time, and recently I have seen a change where pasting HTML no longer works correctly. Previously, I was able to have iRealPro export a song in its proprietary format as HTML content. I copied that export and would paste it into a certain field which would display the HTML as part of the card. I was able to tap the link, which then opened the song in the iRealPro app, ready to play.

Now, however, when I paste this same type of content, the tags are stripped, particularly the link that opens the app. If I paste into the field, I get something that is shaped like the content but with no link, and if I paste into the field with the HTML editor on </>, even the white space is stripped away, leaving only the title and some other text. This severely limits the functionality I once enjoyed when making notes to study jazz standards.

I have pasted the same content into the iOS notepad app and verified that the content being exported still works. My guess is that the data loss is between the clipboard and AnkiMobile.

A few months ago someone else had opened a topic similar to this, but there was only a response akin to “well, it’s working for me…” and no follow up. Hopefully, I’ve described the issue and my particular use case enough to be helpful.

As far as I recall, there haven’t been any changes to the HTML filtering made recently - is it possible iRealPro got an update instead? If they’ve started using script tags or iframes, that is not supported, and will be stripped out when pasting (and has been for a number of years)

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I dug a little deeper and discovered that the export had changed. Below is an example of the export from this morning:

[My Funny Valentine](irealb://My%20Funny%20Valentine=Rodgers%20Richard==Ballad=Eb==1r34LbKcu7C%287F%7C4C%2D6XB%2F7%2DC%287%2DCZL9b7%20G%29B%2F7%5E%2DC%287hD%7CQyb%29XyQ4T%5BA%2AD%7CQyXXyQ%7CA%2A%5DQyX9b7G%7CQyX7Dh%7CQyX7%2DF%7CQyX7%5EbA%5BC%2D6%29A%2F6%2DX7%5EbA%5E7%2FB%29A%2F6%2DC%287F%7CQyX%29b%2FB7%2DC%287%2DCZL9b7G%20%29XyQ%7C%2DC%287hZL7%2DF7XyQ%7CL7%2DF%207%5EbE%5BB%2A%5DQXy7bB%7CQyX%297B%287hFZG%2D7%20%2DF%7CQybA%7Cl%2CF%2D7LZbB%2C7B%2C7%2DCsZL9bG7%207%5EbEZL7%2DF%207%2DG%2D7%2CA7%207%5EbE%2DC%287%2D%7CDh7%207G%20%29B%2F7%5E%2DC%287hDQ%7CyX6%2DC%5BC%2A%5D%209b7Gb9LZCQyX7%5EbBZL7XyQ%7CFZL9b7G%207hD%7CQyX%5E7bA%7CQyX%29A%2F6%2DC%287C%2D7%20B%29bB%2F7%2D7%20Eb7LZAb%5E7XyQ%7CF%2D7%20Bb7LZUEb6XyQ%7CDh7%20G7b9%20Z=Jazz%2DBallad%20Double%20Time%20Feel=52=3) - Richard Rodgers

Made with iReal Pro [![ireal-pro-logo-50.png](blob:](

- iOS: tap Share/Export and choose iReal Pro.

- Mac: drag the .html file on the iReal Pro App icon in the dock.

And here is an export for the same song from about a year ago:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
      <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, minimum-scale=1, maximum-scale=1" />
      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
      <title>iReal Pro</title>
      <style type="text/css">
         .help {
         font-size: small;
         color: #999999;
   <body style="color: rgb(230, 227, 218); background-color: rgb(27, 39, 48); font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;" alink="#b2e0ff" link="#94d5ff" vlink="#b2e0ff">
      <h3><a href="irealb://My%20Funny%20Valentine=Rodgers%20Richard==Ballad=Eb==1r34LbKcu7C%287F%7C4C%2D6XB%2F7%2DC%287%2DCZL9b7%20G%29B%2F7%5E%2DC%287hD%7CQyb%29XyQ4T%5BA%2AD%7CQyXXyQ%7CA%2A%5DQyX9b7G%7CQyX7Dh%7CQyX7%2DF%7CQyX7%5EbA%5BC%2D6%29A%2F6%2DX7%5EbA%5E7%2FB%29A%2F6%2DC%287F%7CQyX%29b%2FB7%2DC%287%2DCZL9b7G%20%29XyQ%7C%2DC%287hZL7%2DF7XyQ%7CL7%2DF%207%5EbE%5BB%2A%5DQXy7bB%7CQyX%297B%287hFZG%2D7%20%2DF%7CQybA%7Cl%2CF%2D7LZbB%2C7B%2C7%2DCsZL9bG7%207%5EbEZL7%2DF%207%2DG%2D7%2CA7%207%5EbE%2DC%287%2D%7CDh7%207G%20%29B%2F7%5E%2DC%287hDQ%7CyX6%2DC%5BC%2A%5D%209b7Gb9LZCQyX7%5EbBZL7XyQ%7CFZL9b7G%207hD%7CQyX%5E7bA%7CQyX%29A%2F6%2DC%287C%2D7%20B%29bB%2F7%2D7%20Eb7LZAb%5E7XyQ%7CF%2D7%20Bb7LZUEb6XyQ%7CDh7%20G7b9%20Z=Jazz%2DBallad%20Double%20Time%20Feel=52=3">My Funny Valentine</a> - Richard Rodgers<br/></h3><br/>
      <br/>Made with iReal Pro
      <a href=""><img src="" width="25" height="25" hspace="10" alt=""/></a>
      <br/><br/><span class="help">- iOS: tap Share/Export and choose iReal Pro.<br />- Mac: drag the .html file on the iReal Pro App icon in the dock.</span><br/>

Clearly a lot has been removed from their export schema. I’m just not sure what the next step is for me to be able to get the content into Anki so I can continue building my collection. I will also pursue the topic with the makers of iRealPro. Thanks for looking at it.

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The former looks like markdown, not HTML. It would be worth asking them about any changes they made on their end, as it may give a hint as to what has broken.