Form of the answer

I have the big problem that my answers do not look like i created them. Here is an example for my creation:

If i learn my cards the answer is presented completely different- Like this:

I hope one of you can help me.
Best wishes
Mattis :slight_smile:

Hi, you have probably copied the content with HTML from a website. Open the card in the browser and focus (click) the field with the weird formatting. Then press Ctrl+Shift+X to view the raw text. You should see some HTML tags.
For the future, to copy text without any HTML, hold down the shift key while pasting it into Anki.

thanks for your answer.
I wrote the words or textes by myself.
I did not copy some textes with some HTMLs.
Do you have an other idea?
Thanks a lot

Perhaps you want to change the text alignment:

Thanks a lot, you rescued my life. Now it works very well:)