Overtype Locked on Anki (Not system wide)

Hi everyone, while working on some cloze cards and rapidly using the ctrl-shift-c shortcut I must have misclicked something. Now my anki text fields are solely overtype, so if I go back to click a point in my text and type it will not insert, only override what is previously written. This is happening only on Anki and nowhere else on my desktop, so no other shortcuts or fixes for windows 10 have worked. I have searched for how to turn off overtype on Anki without any luck. If anyone has any advice to turn it off it would be much appreciated, thank you!

Haven’t heard of that happening before - if restarting Anki did not help, perhaps a reboot will?

I know this is very late, I just ran into this issue.

It occurs when you press the insert key on the keyboard. I have been doing this accidentally for months and just “waiting til the issue went away” (i accidentally pressed the insert key again).

Pressing the insert key when using Anki will turn on an overtype mode. Pressing the insert key again will turn on the regular insert mode (i.e., not replacing everything you typed if you make an error.

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