Overlap between shortcuts and type-in boxes

I’m using the United Kingdom extended keyboard layout. Whenever I try to type the ‘é’ character using ‘AltGr + e’ into a type-in answer box on Anki on my PC, it instead activates the “create copy” shortcut. However when I try the same thing on my laptop, the ‘é’ character does enter into the box - the ‘create copy’ shortcut only activates when the type-in box isn’t focussed whereas on my PC the shortcut activates even when the type-in box is focussed.

If anyone has any advice or ideas please let me know ASAP! This would be much appreciated.

There was a similar issue a few years ago but there was never a solution without using an add-on, but preferably I’d like to fix this issue without an add-on, since it’s already not an issue on my laptop.

What differences can be identified between the two situations?

Do the laptop and PC use the same version of Windows (10 vs. 11, and the same update level)? The same version of Anki? Does one use Qt5 but the other Qt6? Both have the same set of add-ons installed, and the add-ons have all been updated where updates are available?

When you type that key combination into, say, Notepad on each machine, do they both produce the same character?

I’m not familiar with the “create copy” shortcut. Is this standard Anki functionality, or provided by some add-on? I use the US English layout, and Right-Alt-key + e does nothing, while Left-Alt-key + e just invokes the title bar Edit menu.

For reference for anyone else reading the thread, here’s the United Kingdom Extended Keyboard


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