Option to Have Auto Advance on by Default

Hi all,

Thanks for all your work on the app. Ever since Auto Advance was built into the desktop app I’ve been using it every day and find it an invaluable addition to Anki.

It would be nice, however, if there was some kind of toggle to have Auto Advance on by default. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s a little tedious having to turn Auto Advance every time you open a deck, or come back to Anki after using a different application. Alternatively, having Anki remember your last selection might be a good option.

I did find a similar post by @RiceInRicin from a few months ago (“(AnkiMobile) Option to have Auto Advance Enabled by default”), however, their post was about AnkiMobile rather than the desktop app, so I thought I would add my voice in support of adding this feature to the desktop app.

Thanks again!

[Adding link for reference: (AnkiMobile) Option to have Auto Advance Enabled by default]