“Auto Advance” per Deck

I read about a comment here that mention Auto Advance on a per Deck basis. Any updates on this? I recently fell in love with the feature, I find that it gives me that extra focus I need to speed up my reviews. But, my note types differ, some are deliberately more verbose and content rich than others, needing more time / card. To change the setting each time, even if there was a shortcut, would be too clunky and not a good solution IMO. Another cool feature I was thinking about was to control the progression with voice commands (e.g. speaking “Again”, “Answer”, etc), but I realise that this would require a whole bunch of new code.

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You can voice control Anki by using iOS‘s accessibility features. You‘ll find instructions on Reddit.

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Interesting, will definitely check it out.

I’ve logged the other issue on Add auto-advance options to deck preset · Issue #2645 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


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