(AnkiMobile) Option to have Auto Advance Enabled by default

Is it possible to have a toggle for auto advance to be enabled by default?
I open Anki on my phone multiple times a day and not having to click the gear icon and scroll down to enable auto advance each time would be helpful.
I was thinking that maybe in the “Auto Advance” section of deck options there could be a thing for it to be enabled by default or not on a deck-by-deck basis. An alternative idea would be for Anki to remember if auto advance is enabled or not while the app is open when you go back to the deck menu or browse or whatever.

I’m not sure about an automatic setting, as I fear it could cause confusion or unwanted progress when people accidentally enable it. There’s no need to have to tap on the cog icon though - you can go into the preferences screen and assign the auto advance action to the top bar, or a tap/swipe to access it quickly.