Auto advance not working in filtered decks

I tried using auto advance on AnkiDroid with filtered decks, but it didn’t work. It follows neither the time to show the question nor the time to show the answer. It’s as if it wasn’t activated.

It’s always been like this.

Ankidroid 2.17.6
Everything is as described by the author.

It is a pity that in ankidroid the function is activated in the application settings. It would be good to come to a common standard.

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Thanks for letting me know that.

Ankidroid aims to be compatible with Anki in Deck Options

Because Anki does not have a toggle function in Deck Option, AnkiDroid does not have as well

as such, the option was created in Settings > Reviewing

If is there something to improve, is being able to toggle Auto Advance button in top right when reviewing

It is working fine on alpha 2.18

if you wish to try it out then see Alpha Program

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