Auto Advance Timer

Hello, thank you so much for adding a native auto advance feature! One additional component that would be great to have is a visual countdown timer on the review screen on the bottom bar during answer/review. This is a helpful option that the Speed Focus Mode add-on has.

Thank you for all the team does!

EDIT: Also, have the feature automatically on when starting reviews, and a pause button along with the timer.

Can be found in Deck options

Requires Anki 23.12 or later. Auto Advance allows you to automatically reveal the answer and/or move to the next card. To use it, you must first set a non-zero time in “seconds to show question” and/or “seconds to show answer”. Then, in the review screen, use the Auto Advance action from the More button to start advancing.
Auto Advance

A pause button would be nice, but if you can’t remember in the time period, then you should mark as hard or again

I understand that is where you find the settings. I’m suggesting an actual countdown timer that you can watch go from 10 - 0 seconds, not asking how to set it. This is currently a feature in the add on I referenced. And thanks, I agree actually needing more time means you don’t really know it. The purpose is more for having enough time to review things like the sketchy, 1st aid, or additional resources images. Or when getting up for a brief period of time.

Auto Advance works as a toggle, which works as a pause button

To pause, just use the shortcut again

This is set in the note type, for example: AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) has a invisible countdown timer set up

Thanks for clarifying and good to see it is possible. So I guess my suggestion is to make these options all available and more easily accessible in the deck options. Personally, I’m going to be using the add on for now until there is a potentially more user-friendly way to use this.