Option to create a (temporary) pack to study, through selection of records in the "browse" pane

Sometimes you want to learn a particular topic, for this purpose you go into browsing and search.
If you want to choose some records and create a temporary pack to study, there is no such option.

I suggest adding such a feature. In my opinion it is really basic … And also necessary…

As far as I know, there’s no option to create a filtered deck based on a custom selection of notes/cards (subset of a browser search), but you can already create filtered decks based on the current browser search query with Edit -> Create Filtered Deck or Ctrl + G.

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This is exactly what I came to offer, create such a possibility, based on the selected records (this should work according to filtering the selected question number, with the prefix CID or NID)

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You can add a tag to selected cards and create filtered deck based on this tag.

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I think a feature that allows you to skip this extra step would be neat and also more intuitive. But @noty I wouldn’t say it’s “basic”, it’s a rather niche requirement in my eyes. How often do you really need this level of fine tuning?

Increasing the complexity of the app with new features always needs careful consideration, because it increases the maintenance burden for the devs, so it’s best to gauge popular demand first.

It’s a wise advice! Thanks! I will do so in the meantime.

You’re right.but I will ask you the opposite question.

Which need does the search have in “browse”?

In my opinion the answer to one of the years

  1. To learn a specific question, in a way that I have already suggested, I agree that it is less relevant …

  2. To learn a specific pack. When there are many packs, and you do not remember where your questions are on a particular topic, do search and thus recognize the pack.

It was requested, that there would be an option in a right -wing key, “for the study of the pack.”

So I change the proposal, add a right -wing key on the menu: “Go to the study of the pack” or “Go for Learning the Question”

So we got two ideas here, if I understood correctly:

  1. An action to create a filtered deck from an arbitrary selection of notes/cards in the browser

  1. An action to start a review session of the deck containing the selected card
    (Perhaps a dialog where you can choose which parent deck (i.e. how far up in the hierarchy) you wish to study would be helpful here.)
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I opened a topic about the new idea.