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Optimizing Anki reviews - How to?

I somehow feel the basic anki setting is too delayed and not optimal for retention. I forget the answer when the review appears and end up redoing the cards from first.

After a year of patchy use and massive backlog(5000 cards), i cut it down to a very short interval as posted below:

This setting just made me sick of Anki. Now im worried whether im stuck in the “Sunk cost fallacy” and investing more and more time in Anki to optimize.

What should i do? Do i abandon Anki or work though this, even after a year of disappointing results???

If you think the cards are too delayed, you might have more success changing the Interval modifier to a lower value, but keeping the Maximum interval as high before. There’s no point in keeping the Maximum interval so low, as it will restrict the cards you can keep in your review cycle.


Any ideas what the optimum intervals are or how to tweak them??