Optimizing Anki flashcards

Hello everyone,

I am new to Anki and have been using a more customized Vocabulary application before. My issue is the following: I want to essentially learn a text, meaning that I have the Czech Philosophy text and I have the German translation and I would like to study 2-3 pages of this per day, where I would break things up into 3-4 word groups, plus keeping it in context. One of the texts, however, I only have as sort of file, which does not allow me to copy text, only images and if I type all of this into the anki, it takes ages. Would someone know a more effective way to create these sort of flashcards?

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If you’re on macOS, you could consider using Text Sniper to extract text from the document.

There’s also an open source alternative called gImageReader that seems to be made for exactly your use case and should work on Windows/Linux. But as with most open source stuff, it likely requires more time to come to grips with how it works.

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