Exists this type of add-on?

Hi everyone

I am English student. I am looking for some add-on that allows me to create some text and introduce it while I am creating cards.

It could be like text snippets (sublime text) or autotext (Libreoffice Writer or Word).

I have been looking in Google and I didn’t find anything

Could you suggest me if there is some add-on? This could be useful for language students

Thank you in advance


If I understand you correctly, you want to define text fragments and use them in Anki when needed? You don’t need an add-on, but some tool that provides system-wide text expansion. There are a lot of programs to choose from, depending on your platform:

Windows: TextExpander, FastKeys, AutoHotkey, PhraseExpress
Mac: TextExpander, aText, Keyboard Maestro, Typinator

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Thank you for your response. Although the apps you suggested me are non-open source, I have found one multi-platform open source app. It’s called Espanso
It works perfect with Anki