Allow only specific values for a field?


I want to create a custom card type for conjugating verbs in Spanish.
I have added a “Tense” field where I specify the tense (e.g., “present”, “past simple”, etc.).

Is there an option that lets me only choose between “present”, “past simple”, etc., so that I don’t have to type it manually for every card I create?

Of course, I could just add way more fields so that I could just create multiple cards, one for the present, one for the past simple, etc. but if I wanted to do it that way, it would be too time-consuming to create a card for a single verb in my opinion.

This doesn’t necessarily call for an add-on, but a fast input method: systemwide text expansion, using tools like aText, TextExpander, Typinator, AutoHotkey, …

You e.g. type pp# which is turned into past tense.

There is also an AnKing add-on (can’t remember the name right now) that proposes text for reuse that has been used in a specific field before. This is not necessarily faster than the other method and the add-on hasn’t worked for me in the last months.


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