New Feature Suggestion: FieldTypes

Hi everyone, I have just recently started using Anki and it has been absolutely amazing. I just want to say thank you to the the developers for everything they have put into developing this absolutely incredible application.

I know the devs are already very busy, so I want to emphasize that this is just an idea and please don’t feel any pressure to make it an feature anytime soon.

I was wondering if the introduction of FieldTypes would be something the developers and community would be interested in.

Basically, when adding fields to a note there would be options to select from a pre-set list of types.

Some ideas might include:

  • Option: Predefined user values that can be selected when making a card (disables others)
    (Make a switch version of the input validation {{^}}{{#}})

  • Selection: Predefined user values that can be selected when making a card. (Could be implemented in card using {{#FieldName:selectionOption}}value/markup{{^FieldName:selectionOption}}value/markup}}{{\FieldName:selectionOption}})

  • Argument List: Allow the user to add a list of values as a field. (Maybe can be auto wrapped in a ul tag or place {{FieldName}} in an ancestor of an element with .FieldName class to auto generate markup/style for each field index value)

  • Argument Tree: Like the list Argument list field but allows you to make sub-lists

and other Field types that may be handy.

This could also include a system to make custom FieldTypes using html forms and other web technologies.

I know that this could all be accomplished already by parsing inputted string and scripting but, I think this may help learners make more stylized card systems to aid them in developing/creating cards faster.

Thanks a lot for your time, and hope you all have an amazing day.

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Out of curiosity: What is your use case here? Say you have a note for learning Latin, where the gender is masculine, feminine and neuter. You can put the whole word or something like m, f or n into a gender field. What would be the benefit of having this information defined beforehand?

(It really interests me. I have automated all sorts of things in Anki over the years with external tools, so that on the one hand I can use very simple templates and on the other hand I can still enter certain content quickly (such as Latin declensions). That is very flexible. I don’t know if Anki could offer this flexibility on the one hand without overwhelming the average user even with a small extension of the range of functions in terms of what may or may not be entered in a field).)

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For me, I was really interested in the List functionality because it would make it a lot easier to quickly add a category that can have more than one value. Normally you could just write out bulleted points or numbers to make a list, but styling that list requires you to make script to parse it apart or wrapping it in html as input but that would take time; unless there is something I am completely missing. This led me to think of the ability to make field types and the other types are mainly to add completeness to the idea.

This was more of a user experience type of suggestion and not really something that would add lots of functionality to the overall application.

I’m afraid I think you’re somewhat underestimating the extra complexity this would add to the code base and UI. With limited resources, this is unfortunately unlikely to happen in the near future.

That’s cool, I appreciate you giving it a look.

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