TTS/extra text (from a field) on the front of a card only "on request"

I am preparing some stuff to study the various tenses/ persons for a set of verbs of a foreign language.

I have therefore setup a template with extra text box on the front of the card where I can type the answer that after the flip to the back of the card will be checked and compared with the proper field. At this time, the correct aswer is also read by means of TTS. So far so good.

The problem is that if you don’t remember the “infinitive” form of the verb then the rest is a bit useless (ok, one could read the answer anyway and derive what the infinitive was and hopefully remember it when it occurs again in the next cards, but it should not work that way).

Ideally in the front of the card there should be a way to remind - but ONLY if requested (so if the user does not remember/ know) the infinitive of the verb - and then proceed with thereal question, that is typing the requested tense/ person and finally check the answer.

I am thinking of a button in the front of the card that, or whatever may trigger on request one of these events:

  • (better) plays by means of TTS the content of a field containing the infinitive of the verb, or
  • (as alternative) displays the extra info, i.e. the infinite

so that the real exercise to type the requested tense and person can make sense and be effective.

Any suggestions/ examples?
Thanks in advance.


Please see Field Replacements - Anki Manual

Hello, thank you for the …hint.
I had already found it but “as it is” {{hint:MyField}} it did not work as expected. With a bit of extra cose it does the job.
I see that clicking on it then the box of “type” field that should contain the real answer loses the focus and this requires an extra action, which is not good to speed up the learning process. Any idea on how I could return the focus to this answer field after I have displayed the hint?

Sorry, Anki doesn’t support this. If you find yourself looking at the hint frequently enough for it to be a problem, I’d suggest you rethink your approach, as if you can’t remember the infinitive, the card should probably be failed instead of being passed.

Hi again, I see and I agree with you concerning the change of the approach.
Thank you so much for your help.

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